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Colic in babies is a type of pain that starts and stops abruptly. With babies, crying is the only way they can draw someone’s attention to their needs. Usually, the child quiets when somebody picks it up, changes it or feeds it. If a baby cries after being fed, it is an indication of a digestive problem.

A baby will often swallow some air while eating and drinking from a bottle, and there is also a development of gas during the digestion process. Sometimes, this air collects in the digestive tract, resulting in wind or flatulence. This causes the baby to become restless, agitated and cry. On many occasions, mothers have come to me with the complaint "my baby does not eat, does not sleep. My baby is often restless after food, cries and has a swollen stomach." Fortunately, we have a homeopathic preparation, similar to allopathic medications which can help.

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