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G&G foodsuppliesltd GC70
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G&G foodsuppliesltd GC70

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About G&G The company G&G started as a partnership between David Gaiman and his pharmacist wife, Sheila, in a room of a house in East Grinstead in 1965. Shortly after, the first shop was opened in East Grinstead's historic High Street, supplying health foods along with the vitamins and minerals. A move was necessary in 1983 to larger premises on Railway Approach. The move meant a turning point for G&G. Rather than compete in the traditional health food market, a new concept was born: the Vitamin Centre. G&G began to concentrate on providing nutritional data and research information from around the world to practitioners, nutritionists and clinics in the UK and Europe. The company quickly established an enviable reputation for the data supplied and for the high quality professional product range, which was developed as a result of its research. In 1987 G&G moved to London Road with 10.000 square feet of space. Within a year, the first encapsulating machine had been purchased and G&G were making their own label vitamins (the TrufilÌÓÌ_Ì_ range) how they wanted: pure, high quality and high strength.

A cleansing formula in a TrufilÌÓÌ_Ì_ capsule.

Ingredients per capsule:
Psyllium Husks 150 mg,
Vitamin C 100 mg,
Potassium Citrate 20 mg,
Magnesium Citrate 20 mg,
Calcium Citrate 20 mg,
Cloves 15 mg,
Cornsilk 15 mg,
Plaintain 15 mg,
Kelp 15 mg,
Ginger Root 15 mg,
Yerba Mate 15 mg
Rhubarb Root 15 mg,
Lactobacillus 7.5 mg,
Citrus Bioflavonoids 5 mg,
Aloe Vera (200x Concentrate) 2 mg

Cleansing the Colon and the Intestinal Tract

It has been researched that a healthy colon is full of billions of bacteria - "intestinal flora" - that play an important role in digestion and health. A programme that addresses the health of the colon and whole digestive tract is now considered ideal by the health conscious. A programme based on some time-tested and carefully researched natural herbs, vitamins and minerals can help maintain the health and efficient functioning of the colon and intestinal tract.

Some of these herbs have been used for centuries in the East - Psyllium Husks in India, known by the name Ispaghula, and Aloe Vera in ancient Egypt. Culpeper, the famous English herbalist, was using Blessed Thistle, Plantain and Yellow Dock Root as far back as the early 1600s.

The Diet

Bad diet and other factors tend to clog the intestinal tract and can cause it to cease functioning properly. Nutrients are not absorbed sufficiently and food staying in the stomach and intestines undigested will putrefy and produce toxins.

Studies have also shown that when the colon gets too many irritating food additives, drugs and chemicals (e.g. antibiotics and steroids), or there is a shortfall in important nutrients, then its normal digestive ability is impaired. A good diet would include a sensible amount of fibre (roughage). Grains and vegetables are good providers, the commonest being bran. Most bran comes from wheat, which some people are allergic to. A good altenative is oat bran, or indeed Psyllium husks.

The Product

G&G's product G.C.70, designed for the intestinal system, provides a natural hypoallergenic fibre. Fibre ensures a healthy bowel by promoting rapid transit through the intestines and thus is a cleansing factor.
Being indigestible, fibre tends to swell up and then pass through the system, having a 'bulldozer' effect. The product includes Psyllium husks combined with vitamin C, Aloe Vera Concentrate, Kelp, as well as a number of cleansing Herbs (listed below).
Furthermore, the macro-minerals help the electrolyte balance, important for the movement of fluids and minerals across the cell membranes.

G.C.70 provides substantial Psyllium and herbs for deeper, more stringent "cleansing". The macro-minerals are all in the citrate form which many experts say are more bio-available. A large amount of Bioflavonoids Lactobacillus is provided to ensure the maintenance of a positive balance of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract.

The Programme

An effective programme for maintaining the health and function of the colon and intestinal system is:

ÌÓÌàÌ_ 1st week of the programme, take 2 capsules twice daily.
ÌÓÌàÌ_ 2nd week of the programme, take 3 capsules twice daily.
ÌÓÌàÌ_ 3rd week of the programme, take 4 capsules twice daily.
ÌÓÌàÌ_ 4th week of the programme, take 5 capsules twice daily.

Capsules should be taken after a meal or between meals and should be taken with plenty of fluid - preferably spring water. Total amount of fluid per day, whilst on the programme, should be 2-3 pints.

Skin brushing or massage of the abdomen is also recommended, using a suitable bristle brush. If the programme is producing required results on the levels suggested for the 1st and 2nd week, then there is no great need to increase to the next level. If it is proving successful - do not change. Once the programme is complete, you should go onto a maintenance intake of say three capsules daily. One anecdotal way of telling if the colon and intestinal system is "clean" is to eat a meal of just carrots or beetroot and wait to see how long it takes for them to pass through your system. It should take 8-12 hours.

It is recommended that pregnant or lactating women should seek the advice of a practitioner before embarking on a cleansing programme.

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