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For many people, spring marks the start of the worst time of the year – hay fever season. Violent sneezing, a running or blocked nose, and reddened and watery eyes are the typical symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever is an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways that causes itching, swelling, mucus production, hives and rashes. Seasonal airborne irritants such as grass, tree, and flower pollens cause the allergic reaction.

Some people do get hay fever into the autumn months, although this is rare and usually caused by weeds such as nettles, late flowering plants and mould spores. Those substances responsible for triggering an allergy reach the body through the air breathed, foods eaten, or by direct contact with the skin, and then cause a reaction within the body’s own immune system. Allergic rhinitis, or perennial rhinitis, is the name given to similar symptoms that occur all year round and are caused by other irritants, including dust mites and animal dander. Natural combination remedies act on hay fever by correcting the imbalance in the body and enhancing the body’s own powers of resistance. 



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