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Nutrivital Organic Chlorella Tablets 120s
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Nutrivital Organic Chlorella Tablets 120s

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NutriVital Organic Chlorella Tablets

The Miracle Algae


  • A pure, organic Chlorella offering a great source of organic, digestible protein
  • Helps with removal of heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminium
  • High in the vitamins, calcium, magnesium
  • Offers nerve tissue and Liver support
  • Has free radical and antioxidant properties


Chlorella is one of the best researched algae in the world. It started after WWII in war-ravaged Japan, where the people were facing a serious nutritional crisis. During this time, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Japanese Government co-sponsored research on growing, harvesting, and processing chlorella on a large scale. The chlorophyll-rich green algae showed tremendous value.

Not only is it still one of the most common food supplements used in Japan to this day, often added to tea, soup, milk, juice, noodles, yogurt, and other foods; but there are now thousands of research papers on chlorella from medical institutions, scientific journals, and universities. At one time, NASA even earmarked chlorella to be grown on the international space station. Chlorella is now used by millions of people all over the world.

So what are the health benefits of this algae?

Aids your body in removing toxins from your system, and supports the immune system

Chlorella plays a crucial role in systemic detoxification. It helps your body clear out toxins, but does not remove the essential nutrients.

The majority of toxin removal from your body happens through your stool. Chlorella consists of a fibrous, outer shell (20%) with inner nutrients (80%). This fibrous cell wall binds with toxins and helps to clear them. Once the detoxification occurs in your intestines, toxins from other body tissues more readily migrate into your intestines, where they are then easily cleared.

Chlorella is a key substance for mercury detoxification. It has been shown to effectively sweep mercury – and other heavy metals – out of the bowel and from the cells, allowing them to be eliminated.

A clean bloodstream with an abundance of red blood cells to carry oxygen is necessary for more efficient clearance of metabolic waste from your tissues for further detoxification. Another by-product of this cleansing process is fresher breath.

Supports the Immune System

Detoxification leaves the blood cleaner and with higher oxygen content, which in itself is good news for your natural defences. But Chlorella goes further, delivering a natural anti-oxidant in the form of beta-carotene. This boosts the immune system, while providing added defence against free radicals.

Helps You Better Digest Your Food

Chlorella promotes healthy digestion in two ways: firstly, it boots the growth of beneficial flora in the intestinal tract. Secondly, it delivers enzymes such as pepsin and chlorophyllase, which help break down food.

What Should I Look For In A Chlorella Supplement?

Be careful when selecting your Chlorella supplement. You need to ensure that the product contains the goodness that it should; and that the goodness is in a form that is of use to your body. Ideally, it should be:

- 100% certified Organic.

- Guaranteed pure microalgae powder, without any excipients and binders.

- Produced using no high-compression or high-heat processes. This protects the nutritional value and ensures better absorption.

We have gone to great lengths to find the right Chlorella supplement to offer our practitioners and clients and are the proud to be the exclusive suppliers of premium grade organic Chlorella from our source. It boasts all of the above, as well as being produced using patented broken cell wall technology, to ensure that the nutrients contained within the tough chlorella cell wall are released preserved in production process.

Our Recommendation

Modern processing, chemicals, technologies and habits are making our world more and more toxic. There is a great deal you can do to combat the impact this has on your health and on the world; and you should act as a matter of urgency. Making greener choices; eating a good, balanced diet comprised of local, unprocessed foods as much as possible; using natural products; and taking more exercise are all steps that you can take. To get the most from your efforts, we thoroughly recommend a good quality Chlorella supplement as a key ingredient in your basic good-health maintenance programme. Organic Chlorella is an all-natural, organic, whole-food supplement which has tremendous potential to support your efforts to stay healthy and energised.

Dosage: 4-6 tablets per day

Full Ingredients
  • Organic Chlorella Vulgaris

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