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Cytoplan Cytozyme 60's
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Cytoplan Cytozyme 60's

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Code: 4133 - 60 vegan capsules

Cyto-Zyme is a high potency, multiple digestive enzyme complex. Digestive enzymes are catalysts which break down food into its basic components, so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients they require to build cells, tissues and organs. A catalyst is a substance which increases the speed of a chemical reaction without being changed by the reaction itself.

The enzymes we need to digest our food are either created by the body (digestive enzymes) or are already present in the food when it is eaten (food enzymes). Food enzymes are killed when food is microwaved or cooked to over 118 degrees. Processed food is devoid of enzymes.

Enzymes are the body’s workers. They are used by every organ, system and tissue in the body.

Our body makes enzymes. When we are young, our body has an abundant supply of enzymes, and at this time our energy levels seem never-ending. As time goes by, we slowly begin to lose this efficiency. The signs we begin to notice are things like not being able to eat spicy foods we have eaten and loved for many years, being less able to recover quickly from aches and pains from weekend sports, and reduced stamina. This reduced vitality signals a weakened and compromised immune system, and also shows you are running short of the enzymes you need to fuel your life.

The reason we run short of enzymes is a lifestyle problem. Our poor dietary habits, fast food obsessions and excessive intake of fat and sugars all require large quantities of enzymes. Stress kills and damages cells, resulting in our enzyme-making machinery having to work overtime to help rebuild and replace them. Environmental pollution causes cellular damage, which requires enzyme input for repair. As we age, our natural production of enzymes declines, and it is recognised that during illness our enzyme production can be significantly reduced.

Equally, if you notice digestive symptoms such as bloating, food intolerances, discomfort after eating, cramping and any other similar related digestive symptoms, it is likely your body is not able to provide sufficient digestive enzymes for the food you eat. If you do experience digestive symptoms, it is always a good idea to change your diet to eat as much raw, fresh (enzyme-rich) food as possible in small, frequent amounts. You might also consider taking a good, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement.

Cyto-Zyme provides a broad spectrum of plant-sourced enzymes, which digest protein, fat, fibre, dairy sugars and carbohydrates. Natural plant enzymes give high bioavailability and are readily accepted by the digestive tract. We have chosen enzymes that are largely resistant to degradation by hydrochloric acid from the stomach, so they may easily reach the small intestine where digestion takes place. Equally, these enzymes are active in a wide range of pH to allow for individual variations.


Active Ingredient Per capsule Activity* per capsule
Bromelain 100.0mg
Lipase 100.0 mg
203 FIP
Protease 100.0 mg
Amylase 100.0 mg
**Betaine 75.0 mg
Papain 50.0 mg
Lactase 10.0 mg
658.18 U
Cellulase 10.0 mg
30.0 U

* Enzyme activity is measured and expressed in
Food Chemical Codex (FCC) units, the national
standard for food enzymes.
** This ingredient is not an enzyme.

Suggested Intake: 1-2 capsules daily just before the main meal of the day, or take as directed by a practitioner.
Suitable for: Vegetarians, vegans and for people with Candida and yeast sensitivities.
Contraindications: Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Do not take if peptic ulcer is present or suspected.
Non-Active Ingredients: Capsule shell (vegetable cellulose).
Non GM & Free From:Wheat; yeast, starch, gluten; lactose; added colourings, sweeteners & preservatives.
Storage: Keep cool, dry & out of direct sunlight.

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