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Surya Brasil's Henna Cream and Powders contain a sophisticated blend of natural ingredients that are formulated to colour and condition the hair. Surya products are free of peroxide, ammonia, parabens, PPD, heavy metals, mercury, formaldehyde or other common ingredients that are damaging to your health or the environment. They are also hypoallergenic, safe, high-quality, and Dermatologically tested.

Why should I choose Surya?

Surya Brasil’s natural colour formations are natural and vegan, and the Henna powders are 100% vegetal and chemical-free. The formulation is an innovative blend of Indian henna and Brazilian botanicals. Conventional hair colouring products contain PPD and parabens, which can cause irritation and sensitivity, and peroxide: one of the greatest free-radical producing agents, incredibly damaging to your hair and your health. Surya does not contain any of these chemicals. One of the best things about our natural henna colour is that it can be used on hair processed with perms, straightening systems and used on top of chemical colour. Finally, Surya Henna is guaranteed to cover grey and white hair, as well as provide an intense conditioning treatment that adds shine from scalp to hair-ends. Colour is evenly distributed and henna is extremely nourishing.

What colours do you offer? And how long will the colour last?

Surya Henna Cream is available in vibrant blonde colours, right through to browns, reds and blacks. With 15 colours on offer, there’s one to suit everybody. Surya Henna Creams last anywhere from 7 – 12 shampoos. Depending on how often you wash your hair and what you are washing your hair with, this can vary; we recommend Surya Brasil Colour Fixation Shampoo and Conditioner in order for your colour to last as long as possible.

How do I use Surya Henna Cream?

We’re glad you asked!

Here is a clip of me trying out Surya Henna Cream:


Switching now will not only prevent damage to your hair, but also cover any grey and give you beautiful, soft, healthy hair!