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First Aid

First aid refers to the initial assistance and care provided to an injured or ill person before professional medical help arrives. It aims to preserve life, prevent further injury or illness, and promote recovery.

Remember, first aid is meant to provide immediate assistance, but it is not a substitute for professional medical care. It's essential to seek medical attention for serious injuries, prolonged illnesses, or any condition that requires advanced medical intervention.

Consider taking a certified first aid and CPR course to enhance your knowledge and skills in providing effective first aid.




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Calendula Cuts and Grazes Skin Salve 25g

Weleda: Calendula Cuts and Grazes Skin Salve 25g


Calendula Cuts and Grazes Spray 20ml

Weleda: Calendula Cuts and Grazes Spray 20ml


Combudoron Ointment 25g

Weleda: Combudoron Ointment 25g


Emergency Kit (First Aid)

Helios: Emergency Kit (First Aid)


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