Dairy Alternatives



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Almond Drink 2% Sugar Free

Ecomil: Almond Drink 2% Sugar Free


Almond Powder

Ecomil: Almond Powder


Barista Almond Drink

Ecomil: Barista Almond Drink


Barista Chai Classic

Yogi Tea: Barista Chai Classic


Bechamel Cuisine

Ecomil: Bechamel Cuisine



Sanchi: Bonsoy


Coconut Drink Sugar Free

Ecomil: Coconut Drink Sugar Free


Coconut Milk Light 9% Fat

Biona: Coconut Milk Light 9% Fat


Condensed Coconut Milk

Biona: Condensed Coconut Milk


Ecomil Cuisine

Ecomil: Ecomil Cuisine


Hemp protein powder 50%

British Hemp Co: Hemp protein powder 50%


Hemp Protein Powder Original

Pulsin: Hemp Protein Powder Original


Mini Spring Rolls Organic

Biona: Mini Spring Rolls Organic


No Sugar Cashew Cuisine

Ecomil: No Sugar Cashew Cuisine


Org Hemp Protein & Fiber

Nutiva: Org Hemp Protein & Fiber


Org Hemp Protein Powder

Just Natural Organic: Org Hemp Protein Powder


Org Hemp Protein Powder

Naturya: Org Hemp Protein Powder


Org Hemp Protein Powder 50%

Nutiva: Org Hemp Protein Powder 50%


Organic Almond and Oat Drink

Rude Health: Organic Almond and Oat Drink


Organic Barista Mylk

Rebel Kitchen: Organic Barista Mylk


Organic Coconut Cream

Cocofina: Organic Coconut Cream


Organic Coconut Drink

Rude Health: Organic Coconut Drink


Organic Golden Coconut Milk

Biona Organic: Organic Golden Coconut Milk


Organic Hazelnut Drink

Rude Health: Organic Hazelnut Drink


Organic Rice Hazelnut Drink

Isola Bio: Organic Rice Hazelnut Drink


Organic Soya Drink

Rude Health: Organic Soya Drink


Organic Tiger Nut Drink

Rude Health: Organic Tiger Nut Drink


Smooth Clotted Cream Fudge

Buttermilk: Smooth Clotted Cream Fudge


Sweet Grains Brown Rice

Clearspring: Sweet Grains Brown Rice


Sweet Grains Dessert - Oat

Clearspring: Sweet Grains Dessert - Oat


Vanilla Pudding Mix

Bettr: Vanilla Pudding Mix


Vegan Vanilla Custard

Judes Ice Cream: Vegan Vanilla Custard


Velvet Coconut Water

UFC: Velvet Coconut Water


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