Tummy Zyme Animal Parade Tropical Fruit Flavour 90's

Nature's Plus: Tummy Zyme Animal Parade Tropical Fruit Flavour 90's

SKU: NP-UE29947


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Animal Parade Children’s Chewable Tummy Zyme is the complete, natural digestive enzyme supplement for kids. Each fun, animal-shaped chewable contains highly active food enzymes. Gentle to the stomach, these digestive enzymes promote digestion and comfort. Contains lactase enzyme.


Enzyme-Rich Whole Food Blend: Beet juice (60.5mg), banana (13.1mg), mango (13.1mg), pineapple (6.17mg), date (2.4mg), raspberry (2.4mg), cherry (2.4mg), papaya (100μg).  Amylase (from brown rice fermentation); Lactase (from brown rice fermentation); Lipase (from brown rice fermentation); L. acidophilus (350 million viable cells); L. plantarum (250 million viable cells); Bromelain (from pineapple); Papain (from papaya) (30,000 units); Cellulase (from brown rice fermentation); Protease (from brown rice fermentation) 
Other Ingredients: Sweetener (xylitol), natural colour (beet juice, maltodextrin), anti-caking agent (stearic acid), flavour enhancer (citric acid), natural tropical fruits flavour and other natural flavours, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate), thickener (xanthan gum)

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