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"I often feel dizzy. I then have the feeling that the ground under my feet is swaying and everything goes black…"

Vertigo is a subtype of dizziness characterised by a spinning or rotatory sensation, with patients reporting that objects are rotating around them or that they are rotating around objects. Vertigo indicates a balance disorder and is associated with various conditions. The symptoms people experience include the feeling that they are riding on a roundabout; staggering over the deck of a boat; travelling in a lift; or having the impression of blackness in front of the eyes.

With elderly people who suffer from vertigo, cardio circulatory weakness is often responsible. A high or low blood pressure may also trigger vertigo. Hindrances to the circulation, such as the constriction of the carotid artery or wear in the area of the cervical spine, can likewise produce a sensation of vertigo. Treatment with homeopathic combination preparations has proved successful when dealing with vertigo.


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