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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin nutrient required mainly for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. There are two forms of vitamin D – ergocalciferol (D2) and cholecalciferol (D3). There is growing evidence of the important role vitamin D plays in multiple aspects of human health, and now there is renewed interest in vitamin D, with new research showing that the health benefits of this vitamin stretch way beyond just bone health.



How does Vitamin D work in the body?


Vitamin D requires active involvement from the skin, bloodstream, liver and kidneys to convert it from its biologically inactive precursor, vitamin D3 and vitamin D2, into the biologically active form Calcitriol. The dietary vitamin D is absorbed in the small intestine and then secreted into the lymphatic system as chylomicrons. From there it enters circulation and is bound to a vitamin D binding protein for further transportation to tissues and organs. According to some studies, vitamin D3 appears to be more effective than D2 at increasing the Calcitriol form.


Why is Vitamin D3 important for our health?


Bone health: Important for the growth, development and maintenance of bones and teeth in children and adults. The active form of vitamin D works with calcium to regulate bone formation.


Osteoarthritis: Arthritis and other joint conditions arise due to the breakdown of cartilage in the joints. Vitamin D is also required for healthy cartilage and studies looking into the role of vitamin D in osteoarthritis have shown that it prevents the breakdown of cartilage.


Abnormalities of the parathyroid hormones: Parathyroid glands, located in the neck, produce the parathyroid hormone, which regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.


Blood pressure control: In those with kidney disease and/or hyperthyroidism, low levels of vitamin D may be a factor in the onset of high blood pressure. Calcitriol decreases the gene expression for the enzyme renin in the kidneys, the enzyme that increases blood pressure by constricting blood vessels and increasing water and sodium retention.


Mood and depression: Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression that occurs during the winter months and is due to lack of sun/daylight. According to research, major depression increases when vitamin D in the blood dips below normal levels. A few studies have suggested that vitamin D deficiency treated with supplements can improve mood.


Multiple sclerosis (MS): Scientists have observed that MS rates are significantly lower in areas that receive a lot of sunlight and where people eat a lot of fish, which is rich in vitamin D. Overall, low vitamin D levels may be a factor in a range of non-specific joint and muscle disorders and conditions such as fibromyalgia.


Immune health: Vitamin D as calcitriol is a potent immune system modulator. There is considerable scientific evidence that vitamin D has a variety of effects on immune system function and may enhance innate immunity and inhibit the development of autoimmune diseases. There is preliminary evidence that vitamin D deficiency may be linked to cases of influenza, with it proposed that low levels of vitamin D predispose a person to the influenza viruses.


Vitamin D has a wide range of roles in many aspects of human physiology. There are ongoing developments proving its vital role for general health as well as in the treatment of some serious chronic disease conditions. There is also rising evidence of epidemiological levels of vitamin D deficiency, especially in European countries such as the UK. In the near future, vitamin D supplementation is likely to become more and more important in the conventional management of health and disease conditions.




Please consult your GP if you are already taking any medication for the above conditions.


Typical Daily Intake


200 to 1200IU per day or as advised by suitably qualified practitioner.


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